Tokyo Ghoul


Ken Kaneki, the main protagonist is just your average book worm till one gloomy night changed his outlook and left a mark. The world we knew as humans and animals are no longer the only living things on this earth.. there are also creatures known as ghouls. they are exactly like humans, the only difference is that they have different digestive systems for different means. Humans live in fear as the only thing they can eat are humans (similar concept to vampires). That fact being kept in mind, it’s obvious ghouls are not accepted in society, and due to fear, the people have created a special police force full of people trained to eliminate and deal with these ghouls. Ken Kaneki is drinking coffee with his best friend Hide at a coffee shop where he ends up asking out this girl he has had a crush on to go out on a special evening. Once it is dark he ends up having the responsibility of walking her home.. upon saying goodbye, things go downhill as Rize is a ghoul and attempts to eat Kaneki.. steel pillars “mysteriously” fell upon Rize killing her instantly on the scene..

Kaneki then blacks out and then it fast forwards to him waking up at the emergency room where he finds an unexpected turn of events. Desperation to save his life, the doctor ends up performing surgery using some of Rize’s organs as she was called deceased on the scene once the paramedics had arrived. This news was later revealed during the episode as Kaneki’s body was going through changes, he is not human anymore nor ghoul.. he is a half breed. Kaneki denies his transformation thus his hunger for flesh till it gets out of hand, he ends up following the smell of something he thought smelled extremely delicious and it ended up in bringing him into an alley way with a ghoul having a human for his late night snack..